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Redbanks History Tasmania


The Redbanks name is more than a century old, dating back to 1842 when Redbanks was first settled.

Redbanks Tasmania

Redbanks is located at Nugent, a rural district to the south east of Hobart. Nugent was first inhabited in the early 1800's using convict labour to clear some of the land in the early days of the settlement. The community thrived and there were 17 dairy farms and a butter factory up until late in the 20th century. On the closure of the Nugent butter factory, Nugent cream was sent to Bream Creek for processing and to the Cadburys chocolate factory throughout the 1900's.

Timber was the other main enterprise in the district with 40 mills providing timber for the local, interstate and overseas markets. Nugent was a thriving community with a school, footy and cricket teams (of course!), a church, community hall and post office., Despite changing times from the 1960’s through to the 1980's which saw the closing of dairies and sawmills and a resultant declining population, Nugent retains a real sense of community.

In 2000, local residents successfully lobbied for ownership of the church and hall which are used for community events and regular social get-togethers. There has been an influx of families taking up residence at Nugent in recent years, with many people commuting to Hobart to work.

Redbanks Fish & Field - Our Story:

Redbanks Tasmania

We purchased Redbanks in 1980 and farmed sheep and cattle for a while then changed to cattle and pigs only.

We had over 100 sows which we ran as free range for most of their time until farrowing then brought them into the comfort of a farrowing shed.

We ran a cattle fattening operation, selling up to 500 per year and for 8 years under our own brand of Redbanks selling directly to butchers.

Then we changed direction and reared pheasants for hunting and we did that for 13 years and met great people from around the world who also wanted to do fishing for trout so we built 5 big dams for fishing only.

As our farm evolved we finished up with the pheasants and have now changed to an activity-based enterprise, and still farm cattle as well as sheep.

In October 2015, Jeremy (Lindsay's son) finished up his plumbing business to work with his father and together they now run Redbanks.

Redbanks Tasmania
Redbanks Tasmania
Redbanks Tasmania